Aquarium Cleaning Service Birmingham, Alabama

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A listing of companies that perform aquarium cleaning service in Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services

Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services provides aquarium, garden pond and fountain related services, as well as lake management and pond maintenance to residential, commercial and institutional clients in and around the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Phone: 205-663-6888
Fax: 205-620-0808
P.O. Box 360334
Birmingham, AL 35236

The FishMan

The company offers aquarium cleaning service in Birmingham and a complete line of aqua-tech services ranging from aquarium design, installation and maintenance to water garden design, installation and maintenance. Aquatic consultation and contracting services are also available.

Phone: (205) 229-3124
PO Box 36457
Birmingham, AL 35236

Reef Life Aquariums

The monthly service plan includes:

  • One or Two visits per month
  • Partial water changes as necessary
  • Delivery of Saltwater and RO/DI freshwater for evaporation
  • Test water for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, PH, calcium, phosphate, and alkalinity
  • Check and adjust salinity
  • Clean substrate and filtration unit
  • Lights and timers for accuracy
  • Add supplements
  • Clean and adjust protein skimmer
  • Clean and polish hardware(inside lighting fixtures, exterior filters, etc.)
  • Replenish depleted essential elements
  • Algae removal
  • Polish exterior of aquarium

Phone: 205.874.9526
5511 Highway 280 Suite 310
Birmingham, AL 35242

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